I read this story today on Relevant Magazine and had to share it…for a couple reasons…

(1)  It’s an illustration, Watterson style, of Bill Watterson’s commencement address from 1995 at Kenyon College. Bill Watterson wrote & drew the narrative of my childhood through the adventures of a precocious young boy named Calvin and his best friend Hobbes.  Believe me, if you’ve never read Calvin & Hobbes, you’ve missed out.  In fact, stop right now and check it out.


(2)  It’s the best career advice you may ever receive.

(3)  The artist has captured the magic of Watterson in a very faithful form.  <– Check out the full cartoon.

In the pursuit of “ambition” don’t end up trapped in something that sucks your soul dry.  Leave time for family, friends…don’t spend your whole life accumulating riches that leave you lonely.

Find your life’s meaning outside of “stuff.”

“I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.” – Bill Watterson.

Don’t forget to check out the full cartoon, you’ll be glad you did.