Today is my last day at the Baskin Robbin’s age of 31.  So I thought I’d take a look back at the last year and decide whether I’ll welcome 32 with a smile, or go on the lam.

The year started off quietly and was a smooth, until Christmas.  Christmas Eve, after helping Santa, I fought a war with a dishwasher clog until waving my white flag around 11 pm.  A quick, but futile effort to Wal-Mart for something…ANYTHING…to use to break up the clog ended in frustration before it ever began.  After all, Wal-Mart closes before midnight on Christmas Eve.  So, at midnight, I was hand washing every dish in the house – or so it seemed.  Ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap, my near sleep was interrupted by Michael.  My 11 month old was not aware of my evening, and wasn’t interested in going back to bed.  So after fighting, rocking, snuggling, snacking and finally watching the Papal Christmas Mass, at 2 am, Michael drifted back to sleep.

As did I.

But that Christmas Mass was cool, I may have to stay up late this year too.

Christmas Day wasn’t much smoother.  Anna woke up feeling bad…and if the Princess a’int happy, ain’t nobody happy.

By late afternoon, we reached Em’s parent’s house and Anna had developed a very pronounced wheeze to go with her cough and general malaise.  Winter decided to show up the day after Christmas.  Indiana people will remember the huge snowfall that arrived on December 26th.  Businesses were closing, we were certainly not heading home as travel advisories were being posted all around us…

…and Anna was wheezing…worse.

So off to the ER go Emily, Anna & I.  Worst.Christmas.Ever.

After battling sickness in the house for the entire winter, we planned our first “party of 6” vacation for Spring Break.  Something simple, like a trip to Cincinnati or maybe Gatlinburg?  Nah, not this family.  We’re going to Colorful Colorado!

“Oh, but you’re flying, right?”

Nope, not this family.  We’re driving…for 2 days…across country…just barely avoiding another snowstorm that closed the state of Kansas.  You read that right, the entire state of Kansas was closed for travel and we missed it by 1 day.

As an aside – don’t ever question my sanity.  It’s safe to assume I have none.

Anyway, we arrive in Colorado Springs to spend a week with Em’s sister and brother-in-law & had a wonderful time!


So a wonderful family vacation in Colorado and on the way back, we stopped in KC to visit old friends and have the best BBQ in the World!

Summer went by too fast. But plenty of fun was had:



Fall has arrived again and it’s time for another birthday.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up and answer the obligatory question, “do you feel any older?”  Of course I won’t.  And after looking back at 31, I say bring it on!

Because for the next 365 days I get to wake up next to my best friend…



…and for the 365 days I get to be Daddy to these great kiddos…




And that’ll make #32 the best birthday yet.

“Live This. Love This.”