You ever had a bad cup of coffee?


Some say there’s no such thing as bad coffee…of course that is completely false.  There IS bad coffee and you’ll know it when you drink it.

Does it make you shake?  That’s for you to decide.

Do you run for the bathroom 10 minutes after drinking it? Also up to you.

Whatever the circumstance, bad coffee is a quick way to ruin a day.

You’re not drinking bad coffee now, are you?  By all means, don’t allow one more second to pass without redeeming that situation…I’ll wait…

Ok, fresh java? Good, welcome back.

I’m a coffee nut, give me a good cup of coffee and I’ll savor it as long as I possibly can. It’s the simple act of being in a moment. My senses can carry me to another place – if even for a moment.  You know that feeling too…perhaps smelling your Grandma’s famous apple pie cooling in the kitchen, the roaring fire at the autumn family reunion, the song that triggers a memory from years ago.

As summer winds down, I look back at all the fun that we’ve had and grow nostalgic.  My wife & I will have these memories, and their triggers, for years to come.  We’ll tell the stories to our kids about this or that and they will try to remember, at least for a while; however, after a short time they won’t remember riding a bike for the first time without training wheels…being thrown in the pool over and over all afternoon…eating cotton candy until they couldn’t stand it anymore…water balloon fights…

…but Em & I will remember. Emily and I agree, this summer has been one of the best we’ve had as parents.

When I’m old, and the kids are gone, the smell of burning wood will take me back to making s’mores around the fire pit in the backyard.  A fresh tomato from the garden will remind me of the time the boys and I planted our own garden, and the excitement in their eyes as they picked their own tomatoes.  The smell of fireworks will trigger memories of watching the boys run laps around the yard with their sparklers.

While my kids will be making memories of their own, I’ll smile and repeat that familiar phrase, “I remember when you…”

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…